Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Queen's Birthday

They say laugh until you cry and live like there's no tomorrow;
well today we'll celebrate your life and have no sorrow.
For you lived a life as God intended and directed;
touched so many lives that on this day and everyday your spirit is resurrected.
Oh we miss you, I miss you, but the memories last forever;
so I'll choose to think of happy times, the fun times, and feel a little better.
Through your life you taught me how to love unconditionally;
how to bridge gaps, mend fences, build and sustain our family.
But in death you showed me faith personified, Jesus Christ and His glory;
cause even a year later and for years to come, they still proclaim your story.
Did y'all here bout the young lady who passed so suddenly, who God took?
It was such a tragedy and loss, they talked so much about it, when word spread, it shut down facebook!
But that's not where her life or her story came to an end;
cause if you would've came to either service, you would've seen she was a savior of children, women and men.
It took two services for her home going, and the churches were both overflowing;
people traveled from as far away as Ireland to pay homage, you should have seen the outpouring.
The outpouring of love, support, flowers, and comforting words, you would have sworn the Holy Ghost had appeared;
it was a such marvelous sight, a testament to who she was, it brought the pastor to tears.
The moral of her story is that you never know the day or the time;
but it's what you do with your life and the legacy you leave behind.
The saying goes, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away;”
While Melissa’s passing left many of us breathless, gasping, trying to understand, it was her life that transformed us and led us to Yahweh!
Ask anyone who ever encountered this queen;
they'll tell you her impact and the light her soul beamed.
Now she's our angel, our saint in Heaven above;
so next time your feeling sadness or despair, close your eyes and embrace her love.
She is my sister, my friend, my biggest cheer leader, and my prayer warrior;
even when I didn’t know, she was standing in the gap, lifting me up to God, pleading my case, being my lawyer.
In my heart Melissa will always be remembered and will live forever;
but through my actions her legacy will continue on and the world will be that much better.
Queens are immortalized, their spirit and their reign transcends time;
Melissa is no different, the epitome of one of a kind.
Majestic, regal, exquisite, (singing) She's your Queen-to-be;
nobility, royalty, she is Fleur de Lis!
We will continue to celebrate you and all the blessings you bestowed on us today and everyday;
so on the count of 3, everybody scream, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
1, 2, 3....