Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother

Since the beginning of time you've shined like the morning sun, watched over and protected us like a full moon
Helped raise and nurture men from sons, daughters you’ve cultivated and groom
Never given a blueprint, manuscript, or instructions to follow or sample,
Ma’Dear, Big Mama, and Mommy was how you learned, they were your example
The heart and backbone of the family, quiet security and insurmountable strength
More power than a 100 armies, a will than can never be bent
Don’t believe me, go after her offspring and watch this Mama bear, this lioness attack
Or witness the miracle of birth and see this wonder woman bounce right back
One of the baddest creatures walking earth,
So bad that God designated you to give Jesus Christ birth
I repeat, so bad that God designated YOU to give Jesus Christ birth,
Tell me, what man can measure your worth
Not saying she is Jesus reincarnated, but a lil something like Him,
Jesus took 5 loaves and 2 fish, while mom took 50 cents of luncheon meat and a loaf of bread to feed men
Some beans and some rice, and all u could say after was, that was nice
Mom fed the stomach and the soul, showed wisdom and understanding with a spoon and a bowl
A Proverbs 31 woman living amongst man, quick to hit you with a timely scripture and when needed, the back of her hand
Don't get it twisted, God-fearing, bible-following, holy and redeemed woman,
But cross her, talk back, or get out of line and all you'll be able to say is, wish I saw that Daniel Green coming
Never spared the rod or spoiled the child, but dished out love and affection
Kept her children covered in Jesus’ blood and Mother’s protection
Helpmate, matriarch, disciplinarian, supporter, are only a few of the names and people you portray
Let’s not forget master chef, genie in a lamp, doctor, advocate, made all the sorrows and worries of the world fly away
Who else could wear all those hats, fill all those shoes, heal the sick, cure the blues
There just isn’t another, because when you’re finished with all of that,
you still have to be friend, wife and lover
Simply put, you are one bad Mother
Definitely... Without a shadow of a doubt... 100% bonafide and true, God blessed us all when He made you
God took a look at His masterpiece, broke the mold and threw out the design
Said to Himself, this is beauty personified, magnificence divine
Delighted in His work, He breathe life into you and said go shine,
Leave none untouched, leave no one behind
Show the world far and wide, be an inspiration to all man,
Let them know that through you, they have become a part of My master plan
Whether they call you Mom, Mama, Dear, or Madre, there is no other.
No questions asked, you are one bad Mother.
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
You are the pulse that makes our blood flow, the breath in our lungs, the spirit of our heartbeat
And whether here with us or in Heaven above,
There is no one, no thing, or no distance that can match your love
There is no one, no thing, or no distance that can match your love
There is no one, no thing, or no distance that can match your love
Love unconditional, love in abundance, love so strong it can never broken,
Love given freely, without reservation, love given with hugs and kisses like game tokens
She is all of this and so much more, the salt of the Earth, the stars in the sky
Everything in one, appointed by the Most High
One of a kind, an angel amongst us, often imitated, but never duplicated, there just is no other
To sum it all up, just call her ONE BAD MOTHER!!!

© BlakkDiamond 2010


  1. I love it!! Very beautiful Larry! GP

  2. Mother's Day-Awesome! Let's not forget that a child being born is a gift from God. He only loan childeren to us-after all they are all his---

  3. Thank you for such a beautiful tribute. Love Ya!

  4. Very nice tribute to mothers.


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