Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blow Out the Candles!

Blow Out the Candles

My destiny was designed before my life even began,

When God thought enough of me to add me to His master plan.

A twinkle in my Dad’s eye and a moment of ecstasy,

Here comes a bundle of a joy, my parents’ blessing and fantasy.

Their little man to take on and conquer the world,

To start a new revolution and charm the girls.

Possibly a tiny terror, too much to handle, a statistic waiting to happen

Never a second thought, wrapped me in love and made me a Captain.

A captain of my future, the director of my story, the master, and architect,

Armed by a heritage of warriors, a family of survivors, and boundless intellect.

Had to realize it wasn’t always where I was going, but where I come from

I was born of my Mother’s womb and saved by the blood of the Son.

Raised to be strong, stand on my own, fight to the end,

Anointed by Christ to be a king, a savior, and servant of men.

With each year a new lesson learned, another goal to achieve,

With each year I understand less, but the more I believe.

I learn to live life a little bit Moore and Moore,

Cherish the things that matter the most, my family, my friends, life galore.

Still on a journey, but far from where I began,

Putting one foot in front the other and leaving my mark in the sand.

So bring out the cake, light the candles, watch the flames burn higher,

After I make a wish, say a prayer, stand back, ‘cause I’m bout to set the world on fire!

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