Friday, February 18, 2011

M.A.M. - My Angel Memories

Born January 11, 1979, sugar and spice and everything nice,
Her parents looked at each other, smiled proudly, and thought to themselves, perfection done twice;
Jennifer, her doting Mother, and Larry, her exuberant Father, couldn't wait to spoil their princess,
There she was, the epitome of love, the purpose and reason for their existence;
Given a name that commanded respect from day one,
Melissa Anne Moore, M.A.M., ma’am, her legacy begun;
Taking the world by storm, she began her plight,
Starting the moment she came home, she looked at her brother and he could see her light;
A light beaming and glowing, a mystifying, powerful presence,
Something about her was different, she possessed God’s essence;
1st stop, St. Leo the Great,
Quickly amassing the skills of a scholar by grade 8;
Off to St. Mary’s, where she spread her wings and was challenged a little more,
But what was a challenge to some, was an opportunity to explore;
Explore the depths of her knowledge, the strength of her character,
Another opportunity to excel in life and take time to figure out what truly mattered;
After mastering those plateaus it was off to greater heights,
Awarded a full scholarship, she attended Dillard University with her goals in sight;
Four years she thought, I can do this, a little hard work, dedication, even when life gets rowdy,
She did it so well, she walked away, magna cum laude;
In the meantime she found a kinship, a sisterhood, and it was more than just parties,
She was now a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority;
All of that was wonderful and good,
But she knew she had a higher calling, and on God’s word she stood;
She found a church that could nurture her and bring her closer to her Heavenly Father,
It was The Bridge that helped carry her over troubled waters;
A music lover at heart, she thought, the choir is the ministry for me,
Signed up quickly and began singing her heart out for all to hear and see;
Living her life’s purpose and fulfilling God’s plan,
She began to minister to others, saving souls man-by-man;
Where ever she went, no matter who she touched,
Her spirit shown bright and you were left with so much;
Albeit her family she cherished or the friends she adored,
Even strangers were left off that much better after meeting Ms. Moore;
Moore than a conqueror through Jesus’ love,
Moore than the deepest seas or the skies above;
Moore than silver and gold or any precious gem,
Moore than you wildest imagination or the deepest thoughts within;
Forget it, she is just a MOORE, M.O.O.R.E.,
A depiction of Jesus, His love, a symbol of you and me;
A Proverbs 31 woman, no trial or tribulation could do her harm,
Only her praise and worship exceeded her elegance and charm;
Her smile captivating, her beauty unsurpassed, a warmth, something serene,
She had grown from a princess to a Queen;
And as her journey continued and lives were transformed,
God smiled, and said to Himself, well done my baby, time to come home;
And there it was, on January 18, 2011,
The gates opened up and welcomed another angel into Heaven;
Just like that her earthly mission was done and complete,
No more pain or worry, time to sit a Jesus’ feet;
She will be missed, but her legacy will live forever,
Touched so many, made so many lives better;
She is Daddy's baby and Mama's gurl,
A glimmer of hope, a beacon for the world;
So we gon dance for jubilee all,
Take it from the street corners to the church halls;
U get ‘em ready in Heaven
I'll get 'em ready on earth,
Get Ready, Get ready , Get Ready, Ready
Get Ready for the baddest woman to ever graduate from St. Leo, St. Mary, & Dillard,
Reppin' New Orleans, the black & gold, to the finish;
Baby I hear you yellin’ Who Dat as you and the rest of the Saints go marching in,
You fought the good fight, the victory you did win;
Heaven open your doors and welcome home my angel, my sister
Lord knows I wish I could have her back, how I miss her;
But one thing is for sure, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord,
And I know when my day comes, when my time is done, you’ll be the one greeting me at Heaven’s doors;
We’ll be together again, but in the meantime here’s our song,
I’ll just listen to it over and over imagining holding you in my arms;
I miss you my baby and your brother will always love you and miss our fun,
But no matter the circumstance, WE WILL ALWAYS BE ONE!
                                                                © BlakkDiamond

~ singing~

(We are one)
(We are one) our love will see us through
(We are one) and that’s the way it is
(We are one) Ohhh…

(We are one) right from the very start, WE!
(We are one) deep down in your heart
(We are one) and that’s the way it is
(We are one) Ohhh…

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