Saturday, March 26, 2011

Past, Present, Future

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” ~ Author Unknown

Heard a topic recently about “Recalculating Your Route” and it began me to think about what happens when history spoils the gift and ruins the mystery?  As creatures of habit and self-preservation, our first instinct is to gravitate to what is comfortable and protect ourselves at all costs, and in doing so, we may miss out on the most important and beautiful things in life.

So often we rely on what we have experienced and although it is wise to learn from our past, we forget to enjoy the “present” when we allow those lessons to stifle our future.  Pain is a great equalizer and reminder of what to do and not to do, but it can also be a paralyses.  It can leave you stuck in a rut and life passing you by, especially when it comes to relationships and love.

Living in the present is hard when the past keeps knocking on the door, figuratively and literally.  How can you move forward if you continue to allow the past to invade the present?  The past affords knowledge and experience, builds and solidifies, provides clarity and understanding, and should be acknowledged and reflected upon.  However, the past is not the place to dwell in and should not be used as a crutch.  If anything, the past should give us a better appreciation of what we want and what we have and more importantly, how to maintain and build something lasting.  But when we dwell in the past, allow it to continue to intrude in our lives, our relationships, our thoughts, our behavior, it becomes debilitating.

The present, the gift, is the most rewarding thing God gives us.  Each day is a new day to cherish where we are in life and what we have.  It provides another opportunity to seek our heart’s desires, experience new adventures, and reach new heights in life.  Living in the moment may sound cliché, but try it.  Consciously take full advantage of the here and now, appreciate where you are in life.  Stop using your past to spoil your present, hinder your future.  Furthermore, we can’t fault or hold others accountable for those from the past.  It isn’t fair to them or you and so often we want to judge our present based on our past and the two are not the same.  You’ll never reach your destination if you keep going in reverse.  It’s impossible.   You’ll never achieve your goals, attain the love you are seeking, if you continue to retreat and revert to what once was.  He or she isn’t him or her and hopefully you aren’t the same either.  The dynamics have changed, the lessons learned, and instead of reading the old chapters, it’s time to write a new book.

The future is the place to strive towards.  It’s that uncertainty that excites, entices, and gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Living in the present is grand, but the idea of the future is euphoric.  Working towards what we seek and desire for our lives, using our past as the tools to achieve it, and our present as a springboard, makes the future that more appealing.

The past is a memory, the present is reality, and the future is a dream.  Trust your memories, it did happen, but memories are mere reminders of what we overcame and triumph through.  Our reality is what we make and how we shape our lives.  Dream often and continue to strive for those dreams.  Work everyday to make your dreams your reality and your memories pale in comparison to that reality.

How has your past affected your present and future?  Is your present reflective of your dreams?  Remember, this isn’t just about U or just about Me, but all about We. The only way We grow is if We share, learn from, help, and support each other. Come back soon as we take this journey together and stay tuned as U, Me, and We will be coming to the airwaves!  

Peace and Love,


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