Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Blessed Year!!!

Another blessed year, add it up it’s 3 decades and a little change;
The more life I live, the more it gets strange.
Last year we blew out the candles (Blow Out the Candles), started a new chapter;
But it’s funny how life can be, it’ll bring you joy and disaster.
Started my mission to conquer the world, be the best I could be;
Little did I know that God had another plan destined for me.
Long story short, in the blink of an eye, I lost my purpose and my heart;
Everything that I thought I knew, all I thought I had, fell apart.
I lost unconditional love, a friend always, a prayer warrior, my life-line; 
How do you bounce back, turn back the clock, rewind?
Can’t be replaced, no substitute, a loss supreme; 
And if you don’t know who or what I’m referring to… I’m speaking of my sister, the QUEEN!
She’s my angel now, watching over me and spreading her wings;
Protecting her family and friends from all harm and unpleasant things.
She accomplished her earthly goal, earned her place above;
Taught us all what it truly means to love.
From Melissa I learned that life is what you make of it and the lives you touch;
It’s the moments that you should cherish and mean so much.
This year it’s about the lives I can change, the difference I can make;
 May not be able to do it all, but if I can change one life, that chance I’ll take.
Only know how to do it one way, all or nothing;
So I will bear my soul hoping not to fall, that it’ll turn into something.
Somewhat lost right now, a bit confused, and displaced;
Still trying to understand God’s purpose for my life and trying to run His pace.
Things I thought were true, my hopes, dreams, and desires;
They perished, placed in a tomb, burned in the fire.
In 12 months, lost love and a love, lost purpose and clarity, lost the reason and the answer;
But as someone told me, bigger, better, and brighter lies in the pasture.
So I fight on, pray harder, and give Moore; 
God’s forged a king, a savior, a captain, and my destiny I shall explore.
This too shall pass and by God’s grace and mercy, I’ll be made stronger, wiser;
The sky’s the limit and my angel is pulling me higher.
My aspirations are still out of this world, lofty, grand;
Only difference now is it’s being guided now with Heavenly hands.
Still setting the world on fire, the kind that burns deep and caresses your soul;
Going to take every chance I get to share, give, and mold.
Mold boys into men, girls into women;
Then take all above and show them it’s kool to be a Christian.
M.A.M. , My Angel Memories, is what she is and always shall be;
The example she left behind is the foundation, the trunk of the tree.
Like one of those great oaks in City Park shading you from the sun,
I promise her legacy will continue on, this book isn’t done.
The torch is lit, the purpose restored;
We, U and Me, it’s time to get on board.
As my heart continues to mend and my spirit gains strength;
I know I’m walking God’s race and this is what He meant.
Tell Him your plans and listen to Him laugh;
But follow His will and watch the Red Sea part so you can pass.
3 decades and a little change;
The Moore I see, the Moore it rearrange.
Found some new tools, gained a new perspective; 
Best believe I’m on a mission not for my sake, but God’s objective.
Much still to achieve, mountains yet to be conquered, still on a mission to save the souls of men;
Putting one foot in front the other relying on faith, family, and friend.
As I get ready to blow out the candles, fighting back a tear,
I pray to myself, “Thank you God for blessing me with one more year.”

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